Friday, November 23, 2012

Support Small Business, Locally and Online!

Saturday, November 24th is designated "Small Business Saturday".  With all the Black Friday big box store deals, let's not forget all our local privately owned shops.  Not only on this special day, but through the year when you need something special.  Most of these businesses offer outstanding customer service, gift wrapping, and unique items for gifting.
Being a proud member of TAG, The Artisan Group, I get to view all kinds of gifts, meticulously handcrafted, for every age group.  So, visit some independent artists online or at a local show, you may be pleasantly surprised!
FYI, is offering a 20% off shop wide discount with code, thanks12, at check out along with free shipping within U.S. until December 31, 2012!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haven't Talked to You Lately!

Had to bring in several plants about two weeks ago because of the frost at night.  One of my favorites is the crown of thorn plant that I started with a tiny cutting in water.  Look at it now!

Started a hydrangea bush this year. Excited to have gotten about twelve beautiful blooms for the first year. Cut two when the lime green color turned pink and white. They're pictured here drying in a vase.
   Had a wonderful surprise not too long ago!

 Received a load of beautiful genuine leather, next to new, garments which were out of style, so no longer worn. I can't wait to turn  them into upcycled leather bags.  Pewter metallic leather, gold leather, lots of black, many cool colors.  My head is just spinning with ideas.

 Really like how the black military inspired bag turned out, using a leather jacket.  Adding it to my shoppe as soon as I get some better pictures.
So, Franciebags is moving along with some new ideas and soon a new direction.  Have been very busy with Alterations by Marie, so time is limited lately for handbags, blogging, etc.  Although, I have been working in the evenings on my titles, key words, etc.
With the holidays soon approaching, visit my two shoppes, and for some unique gifts.  Plus, if you need a certain color or such, contact me, I'm always doing custom orders for gifts and weddings.
See you, Talk soon. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hibiscus is Bloomin' !!!

Promised a photo of the Hibiscus I cut back last season, if it bloomed this Summer.  Well, here it is!
Can't believe the beautiful flowers and the many buds to open soon.
I don't have a green thumb, so this is a big deal to me.
The only thing I'll do different this Fall, is not cut it back so far.  I think it's blooming so late in the season.
So happy with this plant!

                     Talk soon.

Monday, July 2, 2012


The weather is definitely HOT here as in many parts of the country!  Franciebags has some HOT news!  Also, some HOT new designs are in the shoppe and in the works!
I've changed my diet a bit, seems like French vanilla iced coffee in the morning has replaced the usual hot cup of coffee.  Could become addicted to this, love it.
Flavored ice pops seem to instantly make me feel cooler. Hugh salads with several types of greens, tomatoes, whatever other suitable vegetables are in the fridge, and strips of  chicken and ham satisfy my appetite at this HOT time of the year.  And of course, lots and lots of bottled water!
HOT news as Franciebags prepares to participate in the GBK Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge!  Right  now, the fabrics, etc. have been chosen.  A couple of design ideas are on the table.  More updates on the progress of this at a later date.
Christmas in July Sale, offers some HOT new scarves and accessories.  Time to think ahead.  COLD, COLD, COLD will be here all too soon!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FYI..Activity Updates

Lots of activity here at Franciebags!  The black Leather n' Lace Wristlet designed especially for Katie Holmes has officially been delivered.  Fingers crossed that she likes it.  Franciebags was recently selected to include the wristlet in an exclusive collaborative gift bag prepared by The Artisan Group for Mr Tom Cruise and family.
Four new Summer bags are now in the shoppe,  along with two unique quilted bags.
Another exciting happening, come September, will be Franciebags' involvement in the Primetime Emmy Awards!!  More on that at a later date.
And last, but not least, a picture of the hibiscus that was cut back in the Fall and is now sprouting leaves.  Hopefully, it will bloom, and a picture will surely be posted!
Talk soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

pleased to announce.............

Franciebags is pleased to announce our participation in the 22nd annual Madonna House Tea & Fashion Show held at the Renaissance Hotel, Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 9:00 A M in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The Tea & Fashion Show benefits Catholic Charities Madonna House, a residential program that serves women in crisis pregnancies, without regard to race or religion.
The Madonna House program is best known for their Adoption & Pregnancy services
Our contribution to this worthwhile fund raising event is a replica "leather n' lace" wristlet as designed and gifted to celebrity Katie Holmes via The Artisan Group.
You can now purchase this wristlet, a very limited collection, at  and click on Bridal!

More exciting news for Franciebags soon.  Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

We haven't had much of that four letter word, snow, so far this winter.  Still, I am ready to fast forward to Spring!
Took a picture of the last hibiscus to bloom on my plant several weeks ago.  Cut the plant back and it is sprouting all new leaves now. Hope it will survive and I can show it to you this Summer.
Love flowers!  Added some silk flower bridal headbands to .
Thinking about our last year's vacation and the 90 degree weather and looking forward to this year in Las Vegas.
Need to decide on which three or four craft or bridal shows will participate in this year.  By the way, Franciebags has gone mobile!  Visit us on your mobile device.
Well, it's been nice thinking about Spring and Summer, but until it gets here I guess I'll still need the above.
Talk soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome 2012! Changes in the Works!

This year is moving along, as planned, with some exciting changes for Franciebags.
First of all, the new website for  is nearing completion, but is open for business.  Take a look!  It was designed by my son at who has just recently launched an online site for his business.

Franciebags has also started , an online boutique offering affordable, unique, accessories, handbags, bridal items, hats, scarves, etc.  Give your outfit an extra touch of style or brighten a "basic" outfit with these fashionable, handmade, accessories.  Great affordable gifts!

So much for promoting.  Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!!
Talk soon.