Friday, June 3, 2011

June Brides

This month is the, often thought of, most popular month for being a Bride.  Having done Bridal alterations and Bridal dressmaking for many years, in this area, October has always out numbered June for Brides.
Nonetheless, one of the Mother of the Bride gowns I'm altering now, for one of this month's June weddings, is the subject of this and  my next blog.
The hem, which has four layers, has been pin fitted and I am going to hand baste each layer for a basted fitting.  After any adjustments in the second fitting, it will be machine stitched and cut.
This is where this gown becomes the subject of my next blog.  What to do with all those beautiful chiffon cuttings.
How obvious!  I think I'll do a Bridal handbag!

Stay tuned for next time to see what I come up with.  In the meantime, visit my new page, Bridal Boutique, to see a few bags, like the one above, completed with " leftovers".
Talk soon, have a good day!