Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haven't Talked to You Lately!

Had to bring in several plants about two weeks ago because of the frost at night.  One of my favorites is the crown of thorn plant that I started with a tiny cutting in water.  Look at it now!

Started a hydrangea bush this year. Excited to have gotten about twelve beautiful blooms for the first year. Cut two when the lime green color turned pink and white. They're pictured here drying in a vase.
   Had a wonderful surprise not too long ago!

 Received a load of beautiful genuine leather, next to new, garments which were out of style, so no longer worn. I can't wait to turn  them into upcycled leather bags.  Pewter metallic leather, gold leather, lots of black, many cool colors.  My head is just spinning with ideas.

 Really like how the black military inspired bag turned out, using a leather jacket.  Adding it to my shoppe as soon as I get some better pictures.
So, Franciebags is moving along with some new ideas and soon a new direction.  Have been very busy with Alterations by Marie, so time is limited lately for handbags, blogging, etc.  Although, I have been working in the evenings on my titles, key words, etc.
With the holidays soon approaching, visit my two shoppes, and for some unique gifts.  Plus, if you need a certain color or such, contact me, I'm always doing custom orders for gifts and weddings.
See you, Talk soon.