Thursday, February 3, 2011

Behind the Bags-Long Gloves, Tutorial

This is the time of the year when I purchase stretch gloves in all colors at 50% and higher off of the regular price.  Hence they end up being 25 to 50 cents a pair!
Then, I try to think of unique ways to use them for the craft shows during the year.
In the past few years, these "magic" fit everyone gloves have been embellished every way possible.  Always a great seller.
Last year, while visiting one of my favorite upscale, (too expensive for me) boutiques, I saw some colorful long gloves.  "I can make something similar."  And I did.  Every pair I made, sold.  Thought you might be interested in how I did them.
 Some of the different colors of gloves.  I have many, many colors.
You will need a pair of stretch gloves and the sleeves from a SOFT, felted, wool sweater.  Felted sweaters are very warm and will not fray when you cut them.  Putting 100% wool sweaters into hot water and a hot dryer once was a terrible mistake.  Now we do it on purpose.
 With sharp scissors, cut the cuffs off of the gloves.  Need the fingers, not the cuffs.  Cut any thick side seams from the two sleeve pieces.  Decide on a length for your sleeve pieces and cut.  (These were cut 10" long from the edge of the green cuff to the edge of the pink line and 8 1/2 " wide.)
Fold sleeves in half, right side to right side.  They now measure 4 1/4" wide by 10" long.  Pin 1/4" seams and sew.  Since I wanted a foldover cuff, I only sewed to the green cuff, clipped, turned to right side and sewed and serged the cuff. This way, you will not have a seam showing on the folded cuff.  Also, you can taper the cuff a bit, for a better line, if you wish.
Next, divide both the sweater and glove fingers into 4 equal parts with pins.
Turn the sleeves wrong side out, place gloves inside, right side to right side.  Match pins to divide equally, and pin 1/4" seam.  Sew seam and serge.
 I don't serge the long seam because it won't fray, and I like it to be soft.  The ones I sell have a handcut felted wool flower with a button sewed in the center.  You can embellish how you wish, or not.